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Blog #5 21/07/2017 

Hello I am writing this on the last day of school before summer holidays.
I would just like to say I will be taking a break from youtube during the holidays I should hopefully return in September for my live birthday extravaganza but It won't be on my birthday again like it was last year on the 21st of September as I am very busy that week and on the day I have a school trip 'til late then I'm going out for a meal.

 Blog #4 2/05/2016


Just done some fixing of griefings n Mr Crafty now going for shower

 Blog #3 29/04/2016 

5:35 PM

Just filmed Dubai Airport RP Adventure now going to edit.

5:50 PM

Just edited RP Adventure its now rendering and then I will upload it

8:40 PM

Today I got a video up so I think that's quite dandy! So I hobbled along to Tescos to get some confectionary!

Blog #5 12/05/2016

Soon I will be working with Rhitonic on some videos his website and his youtube is in My friend's channel.

 Blog #2 28/04/2016 

7:40 AM

Good morning everyone! everyone outside the U.K. it's morning everyone !

4:40 PM 

Had a chat with Spring Trap he was bugging me about what I have done today but I keeped saying not much. 

5:00 PM 

Spring Trap left call as he is doing a portal video.

8:15 PM 

I just found out how to make statues of players of people on Minecraft PE servers the command is /slapper spawn player <player name>

 Blog #1 27/04/16

Today was a bit of a mixed day.

Tonight we were going to do a Dubai Airport RP Adventure, I am really sorry but because of the recently update: 0.14.2 that I cant get on

I wanted to code this website myself but I don't know how to upload HTML and CSS but it does not matter as I like the website as it is.

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